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Wild West Mural Fest Dallas, graffiti artist Alec De Jesus, @youcancallmealec
New homes in Austin at George, mock movie trailer
The Adventures of Zobey, Searching for a Rainbow, kids show, Texas WIC
Up Early Tonight, Hulu, Abbi Crutchfield, Ophira Eisenberg, Ester Steinberg, Aminah Amani,
AICP Sponsor reel, back yard olympics, sack race, slip n slide, tug-o-war, egg toss
Animal photography, George the parrot, Austin zoo
Ashlyn_Mink6745_pp (1).jpeg
Real estate photography, bedroom, homes for sale
Cityscapes photography, Austin Metro Rail
Table top photography, George new homes finishes, Gloaming palette

Content creator, Gina Grande as videographer, director, editor. Photography including real estate, headshots, portraits, groups, animal portraits, cityscapes, products and table tops. Video production including narrative, episodic, commercials, and content.

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